Choose Glorious Ikkat Pattu Lehenga for Yourself

Lehenga is a traditional wear, which is famous among the kids, youth, and older generation too. It is the first choice to wear for weddings and traditional functions for everyone. The beauty of Ikkat Pattu Lehenga increases when you wear it for the occasion.

Today, in the era of modern and stylish clothes people prefer to wear lehenga because of the rich colors and design. Whether you are a kid, youngsters, or older Ikkat Pattu lehenga attract you because it has many options of colors and designs that suit everyone. Ikkat Pattu and Pochampally Lehenga are made up of real silk which enhances the craze for wearing it among people.

Manufacturing of Ikkat Pattu lehenga

The process of manufacturing the Ikkat Pattu fabric is a combination of hard work and patience. Ikkat is a mixture of cotton-silk and also related to the traditional dyeing method. By this method, they create beautiful designs and patterns on the fabric for you.

  • In the starting stages, peasants grow silkworms (insects) in their farms and wait till they make cocoons.
  • Farmers collect the cocoons and boil them in the water, and after that separate the silk from it. For cotton, they collect from the cotton plant.
  • Create thread out of it, before weaving the fabric, weavers have to dye every thread of silk and cotton and then convert it into the fabric.
  • This process shows the beauty of hard work while manufacturing the Ikkat Pattu for us to wear.

Why Ikkat Pattu and Pochampally lehenga is the best for you?

Whether you believe it or not Pochampally Pattu Lehenga is a great choice to wear for any type of occasion such as weeding, Durga puja, ceremony, and others.

  • Its lightweight nature is a great quality that is the perfect combination of beauty with comfort.
  • If you want to gift traditional clothes then it will great choice to see the happiness in your loved one eye.
  • Once you buy it for yourself, its unique and desirable design makes you fall in love with it more.
  • Silver and gold zari designs are the main elements of these lehngas that make the eye shine and different patterns show luxury.

How to Take Care of Pochampally Pattu Lehenga? 

  • Dry clean this lehnga to prevent fabric damage
  • Avoid direct sunlight on your lehnga as it can fade the color and shine.
  • Store in a dry place to protect it from moisture damage.
  • Iron it at a low temperature.


Tapathi Handloom store is for you to buy beautiful lehenga for yourself at any place. Once you buy from here you will shop again, because of the more attractive options. The special quality is that when anyone sees Ikkat Pattu lehnga, it looks heavy but in reality, it is lightweight and comfortable to wear and carry for a long time.

Want to buy sarees, Ikkat Pattu lehnga, or any type of ethnic wear Tapathi is the best place to top your search. This is the place where you can enjoy shopping at affordable or as per your pocket size.

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